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.shock | PRO .stock .commercial .fashion .wedding
photography by benis arapovic

.mission statement

.shock | PRO .stock .commercial .fashion .wedding
photography by benis arapovic
strives to deliver exceptional images and services which represent quality, creativity, and integrity. While implementing a positive work focused on a balance between client and photographer. We promise to photograph you with passion and professionalism. We promise to be loving, warm, conscientious and energetic.

.why you should choose us as your photographer

  • We produce the images you want - Whenever you have a sophisticated project lined up or would like our creative input in both cases we can produce the images as you desire.
  • No messing around - We work quickly and efficiently, un-aided if needed to be.
  • No risks - We will produce High Technical Quality Images, with " Time to SPARE", hence you will never miss your deadline.
  • No hidden costs - All our prices are clear and up front.
  • Solid professionalism - We are smart, courteous and confident.

.what does our photography cost?

Our rates are comparable to other commercial photographers of similar ability. Our rates are based on the type of job, how the images will be used, the time involved, and the level of difficulty. Consequently, projects are quoted on a job by job basis. You will find the costs are appropriate to the specific project. We quote many of our projects on a flat fee basis to keep the process as simple as possible for you.
All inquiries are appreciated and encouraged,
please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask.

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