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Benis Arapovi? was born in Vareš in year 1979, where he completed his elementary and higher education. His studies take him to Sarajevo, where he enrolled in the Economical University. With a group of his fellow students he wins a second place in Europe for best creative company.
This was a good reference for the jobs which he did during his studies in several domestic and foreign companies related to management and administration positions in area of economy/marketing as well as IT/design.
But, the great love of this economist was also photography. First steps in this area he has achieved in year 2002. In the beginning, as it is with most of the armature photographers, most of his main subjects were nature and some other sort of experimental abstraction. In other words, he photographed all and everything. Shortly after he started profiling. After tens of thousand of pictures and countless experiments he discovers stock photography and end of year 2005 he registers the first royalty free stock agency. In the following three years, with regular jobs, he slowly builds the stock portfolio, and from year 2008 he becomes a professional photographer. Currently the portfolio with approximately 20.000 pictures is officially offered for sale and licensing through 13 microstock agencies, and through foreign partners on another 50 micro/macro stock agencies.
Persistence, quality of images and extraordinary devotion to the smallest details have brought him to envied results – individual images have made appearance in the bestseller sections of individual agencies, and on one of them he is, for several years in a row, in the top 50 photographers out of the 200-300 thousand actives ones.
Main sphere of Benis photographic devotion and interest still remains stock photography. Besides this there is also commercial, fashion and wedding photography. He mostly takes images of people and believes that he is doing this well since he approaches each photo-session with a plan, from preparation it self to the shooting act where he tries to create a relaxed atmosphere on the set for the benefit of photography. As he is use to creating images in his own name for his own interest and so each image strives towards perfection.
He is use to paying for images which is a great difference from other photographers who are paid to make photos and he believes that this is the main advantage to the competition.
Currently he is shooting his images with two Nikon D3x (best in pro class) cameras and he is using state of the art Nikon lenses (best in pro class). He also uses most advanced lighting set for indoor/outdoor shooting in a studio with approximately 2500 m2 of space. He is using some original as well as most advanced techniques for image processing. For image processing he employs several persons, assistants, and personnel for administration of portfolio on stock agencies.
He has worked with many famous photo-models and public personas, and indicates on working with a modeling agency Frontmodels from Sarajevo. 
He owns a certificate for Adobe Photoshop – image processing on computer.

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