.info for the models

I want to be a Model

Send us a few pictures or a link to your web page and we promise you that your portfolio will be viewed. New models without any references or experience have to do two shoots with us for free because the training process takes time. Contrary to what people think, modeling is not easy. After two shoots you are paid between 20-50KM per hour.

Sometimes models will send us pictures of them self that are too blurred or out of focus and we cannot really see their face. Don't do this, because you are not giving us anything to evaluate.
We have to be able to see your face clearly from both front and from the side.
We have to see you smiling.
We have to be able to see your body. This does not mean bikini or underwear if you don't like this. Just normal cloths, but a full-body shot is required.

.about yourself

Tell us about yourself, your age, your job or education and your experience in the field of photography or video. Tell us where you are from and any special talents such as athletics, ballet, sports etc.

.casting events information

We often hold open casting events where you are very welcome to show up. You do not have to register or sign in anywhere just show up and we will take good care of you. Check the calender for the next open casting.

.special groups of people we really want

Some people are harder to get a hold on than others. We need groups of people from all walks of life and we are willing to give you a great experience, great pictures and sponsor you with up to 500KM for it.

We are especially interested in:

  • Kindergarten children. A whole class or most of a whole class.
  • A soccer team both female and male.
  • Older people, seniors and older couples.
  • Groups of friends of up to six people that all want to be part of a shoot.
  • Fire department staff
  • Police department staff
  • Pregnancy preparation teams
  • Runners or sport teams in general
  • Whole families that are moderately photogenic

Where can I see my images online?

The best place to see your images online is www.fotolia.com. Just follow the link which will give you an overview of my portfolio. From there you can search the portfolio for your images and when you click on it, you can see all the other photos also taken of you in the "more photos from this model" section. Searching for your own images can be a little difficult, but try to put in a few keywords such as for example "man, swimming, pool" if you have just been on a beach shoot with us. It normally takes about a month before you will find your images online, so be patient.
We are happy to send you your images as Jpg-files in an email. Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about this and he will send you your images.

What is a model release?

A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the photographer about usage of the images where the model appears.
When a model signs a model release she or he acknowledges that with her or him in them will be used for commercial purposes around the world.
The images and movies cannot be used for just anything, and the agencies that sell images, known as stock agencies, have a long set of "user rights and restrictions" that protects the model and the photographer from abusive usage of the material. The restrictions are very tight, so abusive usage almost never happens.
Most professional or international models have signed model releases many times, but for new models this aspect can feel a little uncertain. When you are asked to sign a model release, take your time to read it through and ask any questions you may have to the photographer or film-maker on the set. Even though the model release is written in a very formal language, try to remember that basically this is just a contract that formally allows the photographer to use the pictures he is taking of you.
You can read and download model release forms here:
.adult model release (word document)
.minor model release (word document)
.property release (word document)